• Hazel Parker

Delegation Tips

Many managers feel as if they must do everything themselves so that it is done correctly. Some even feel stressed when you assign tasks to others. The truth about delegation is that it is an important tool that can make the workplace more efficient. It is critical that managers understand and identify those tasks that they must perform and ones that can be delegated others. When done effectively, delegating frees up some of the manager’s time to plan their work and monitor employee performance. It is important that tasks are delegated to an employee who has the requisite knowledge and skills. This will alleviate some of the stress and uncertainty regarding delegating the task.

There are a few things that must be considered before delegating the task. First, the parameters for completing the task must be shared, including what the task is, why it needs to be done, any policy or procedures that must be followed, and the timeframe for completing it. Next, determine if there may be some aspects of the task that need to be explained to allow for successful completion. Ensure that the employee has the resources necessary to complete the task. The manager must inform the employee of their authority to make decisions, if needed, while completing the task. Finally, consider the employee’s workload before assigning the task, and ensure that the employee knows what to do if they have questions or need assistance with the task.

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