• Elizabeth Skidmore

Excellence in Supervision and Management: The Kadushin Model

Supervisors and managers play a vital role in the support and retention of staff, achievement of organizational mission and goals, and the efficient operation of programs and services. However, for supervisors and managers to create tangible value for any organization, they need a training model that promotes best practices and is a consistent and practical approach to increasing supervisory and management efficacy and capacity.

While there are literally thousands of supervisory and management trainings, most lack a coherent and well-researched foundation. They often lack an integrated framework that ensures the content, learning objectives, and transfer of learning activities serve as building blocks working together as opposed to isolated sets of training topics.

Researcher, author and practitioner, Alfred Kadushin, provides a structured, evidenced based and integrated model designed to increase supervision and management competence. Kadushin compared supervision to a three-legged stool. Each supervisory function is essential to effective supervision. In Kadushin’s model, supervisors should master skills, knowledge, and capacity in three areas:

Educational” supervision is to dispel ignorance [lack of knowledge] and upgrade skills;

Supportive” supervision is to improve morale and job satisfaction; and

Administrative” supervision is to support adherence to policy and procedures.

Together, the three components provide a unifying framework for supervision; each ‘leg,’ or supervisory function, is distinct and necessary, and complements the other legs.

In response to numerous requests for management and supervisory training, GCCL conceptualized, developed, and piloted its Excellence in Supervision and Management training based upon the Kadushin model. The training helps supervisors and managers develop skills in educational supervision, supportive supervision, and administrative supervision via a broad array of training topics designed to increase supervisory and management excellence.

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