• Lloyd Bullard

Intentional Professional Development – Part 2

Welcome back for Part 2 of Intentional Professional Development. During Part 1, I discussed the first three components involved in intentional professional development, external and internal service trainings, and work experience. In this article, I will address the final four components, one-on-one formal and informal supervision, the performance evaluation process, group/team meetings, and projects.

Formal and informal supervision – allows the supervisor and employee to evaluate job performance and to develop and implement methods for improving performance. The supervisor’s ability to meet with the employee consistently is critical to the success of this approach.

Performance evaluation process – should be an actual process that develops over time versus a single scheduled meeting to review the supervisor’s ratings of the employee. The employee should be given an opportunity to review the tool in advance, provide feedback, and review the supervisor’s ratings, and to discuss the ratings received. The evaluation tool should be based on the employee’s duties outlined in the job description. No performance issues should be included in the appraisal unless the supervisor has addressed this issue with the employee and the employee has been given the opportunity to address the performance issue(s).

Group and team meetings – should help the staff to further develop their teamwork skills, ability to communicate and negotiate effectively and ability to be assertive, while still respecting the team approach.

Projects – help employees to work on projects and initiatives that are related to specific skills and knowledge areas.

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