• Lloyd Bullard

Tips for Effective Reward and Recognition

Every organization needs to establish criteria for what actions, performance, and contributions should result in a reward or recognition.

Reward & Recognition Tips:

· The criteria must be fair and equitable for all employees.

· Every employee must be eligible for rewards and recognition.

· The reward or recognition must be directly connected to specific behavior(s) and/or action(s).

· The reward or recognition should occur soon after the action, performance, or contribution.

· The reward and recognition should be shared widely to encourage other employees, boost morale, and reinforce behavior.

It is critical that managers and supervisors apply the organization’s criteria consistently and fairly among all personnel. While organizations generally require their managers to address personnel issues swiftly, very few require their managers to regularly reward and recognize employees’ actions, performance, and contributions. Reward and recognition are directly linked to employees’ morale levels and how they feel about both their manager and the company. Research shows that these actions lead to great job satisfaction and higher retention levels.

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